Immobilization Splints
It improves the quality of life of patients, allowing rehabilitation and reducing recovery times.
Submersible Splints
You can forget the uncomfortable showers with plaster, with Fiixit you'll enjoy beach and pool days.
Customizable Splints
Customize your splint with your favorite colors
We work with specialists
Throughout the process of immobilization, the patient is under the supervision of medical specialists

Our Splints

Our splints allow an improvement in the quality of life of patients, allowing joint rehabilitation reducing recovery times and improving patient muscle.


With its innovative system, we decrease downtime and rehabilitation, reducing the loss of muscle of the patient.


Personalized monitoring surrounded by orthopedic specialists and physiotherapists to provide the best service.

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Férula de inmovilización tobillo
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Férula inmovilización tobillo 2
Férula inmovilización piernas


Fiixit provides an ergonomic, lightweight, breathable, hygienic, waterproof, and with a very innovative aspect adaptive design.


Fiixit is advised by the best teams of orthopedics, offering unmatched quality and safety.